Review of L'Thai Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar

4500 West Village Place #1017, Smyrna, GA 30080

Overall Rating


I have to agree with the below assessment on inconsistencies. I love the food here and will continue to go but I will stick to things that I have had that have not made me sick. Because they had a large menu of things made GF I decide to branch out and have the crispy chicken. I was concerned because it had panko and was fried but they assured me it was good. I am celiac but not highly sensitive. I felt off for a few days after but chalked it up to other things (I have Crohn's as well). So I go back this weekend and order the crispy chicken and they tell me it is not gluten free because of the panko and frying. I insisted that I had it two weeks earlier and it was. They said the menu was marked incorrectly and hoped I didn't get sick. It was the same gentleman who served us last time. So beware. Just because it is listed on the menu does not mean it is correct. I went back to my usually pad-se-ew and felt fine. If you are highly sensitive please ask a lot of question about ingredients. I am giving them 3 stars the as the food is excellent but deducting 2 until they can get train everyone properly and advise correctly on the menu.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 4 years ago