Review of Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop

2030 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Overall Rating


I had a TERRIBLE experience here. I have celiac and had been ordering here with my family for about 3 months at least once a week for carry out. My children who are 11 and 4 also have celiac and we initially liked their gf menu. On Mother's Day we ordered carry out and my husband picked up the order. When I opened my meal I noticed it wasn't' labeled GF so I decided to call and verify. The lady on the phone verified my fears that it had been made wrong and proceded to tell me that even though my husband was willing to make the 15 minute drive back that they weren't willing to accomodate me because they were closed. I told her it was my Mother's Day dinner and that I could hear a full restaurant of people but she refused. I hung up frustrated and hungry. My husband called back and explained that we were regular patrons and convinced them to remake the order. When he returned home I ate and noticed that it tasted a little different. In hindsight I should have stopped and realized this was a clue that something was different butter I was so hungry that I didn't. That night, I was as sick as I have been in years with a full on gluten attack that lasted into the next day. I am certain that the kitchen remade the meal with regular soy on purpose because we inconvenienced them by asking them to make the meal again after hours. Never mind the fact that it was wrong to begin with. I am just grateful that my children did not share or they also would have been terribly sick. We will NOT EVER patronize this place again. If you have celiac, go with caution. I question a place that would handle something so serious in such a careless manner.

Updated 9 years ago