Mama Fu's

Review by AustinDad

5400 Brodie Ln #1200, Sunset Valley, TX 78745
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Have gotten to go orders twice here in past 2 weeks with no problems/reaction. First was a broccoli chicken in brown sauce that was very good. Second I tried cashew chicken stir fry but subbed the brown sauce for stir fry sauce and it wasn’t as good. Next time I will try chicken with sweet/sour which they say is very popular. (I will avoid cashews eating out in general from now on since later realized some could be from plant that processed wheat, but luckily had no issues with mama fu’s). Staff training was excellent and they put gluten allergy on computer order and is clearly printed on top of to go box. Seems extremely safe with a lot of options. Thanks Mama Fu’s!