Review of Masala Vegan & Tikka

3814 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

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Celiac friendly?



Here's instructions on how you avoid gluten contamination!!! First anything cooked in clay oven labeled tandori" gets cooked with bread as well so avoid that, avoid things that say not gliten free to be obvious. And let the chef know of your extreme gluten Allergy bcz lets be real, that's y ure on this site and he will take care of you. If it's a curry u want, ure good to go, and if its a vegetable dish use precaution he told me one kind of veggies use oven, others use skillets so there's a fine line. I ordered 3 things at once asking for not hot, the least spicy, and used plenty of rice and it had a bite to it, so keep in mind. People there are very nice and get five stars for their service!!!!!;););)

Updated 5 years ago