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185 Center St, Clinton, NJ 08809

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I have celiac but I don't recall ever getting sick on the fries here even tho they do have some in the oil or something. supposedly they tested but it was below 20ppm gluten.however 4 days ago I got sick. I had 2 large fries and a chicken bacon salad with grilled chicken and Newman's ranch dressing. one of these items made me pretty sick and I won't blame it on any one specific item. possibly the grilled chicken or even the dressing. I will update perhaps sometime in the future. I will test the fries alone again at some point and will see as I don't remember ever getting sick from the fries.

Future update: got sick from 2 large fries, tho I can't confirm 100% since I had wheat starch earlier in a candy I thought was gf. so for now avoid this chain, nothing is really safe for Celiac's. go to chick fil a instead.

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Updated 4 years ago