Review of Mediterranean Deli

410 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Overall Rating


For a restaurant that makes so much of their gluten free pita, their staff is grossly under trained. When we asked the person at the register for a gluten free menu, she replied that she hadn't seen it in a while, and couldn't find it after asking several of her collegues. We spoke to a different employee at the register and asked her dish by dish what was gluten free. She quickly became exasperated, and when asked if the marinated kabobs were gluten free, she responded, "Yes, it's beef!" When we got our food, it arrived with the wrong hummus and we went back up to the counter to point it out. The same woman from before was still irritated and didn't say anything as she loaded a to-go container with the gluten free hummus we had ordered. I think the food here is delicious, but they obviously are not concerned with the safety of their Celiac guests.

Updated 4 years ago