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4199 Belden Village Mall Circle NW, Canton, OH 44718

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I would give zero if I could - I consider the server’s actions criminal. In fact if she wasn’t fired, that’s bad on Melt Bar. I discovered Melt bar in Dayton a few months ago on a business trip, so I was excited to see one near my hotel in Canton given that I have Celiac and they note all the precautions they take to prevent gluten cross-contamination. When I was seated I only got a gluten free menu, I ordered a chicken sandwich and soup off of the gluten free menu and asked her to note that I have celiac (an allergy) and ask them to be cautious about cross-contamination. She made some off comment like “so you don’t die”. I said “excuse me?”, and she replied, “oh, just a joke”. I said “no I won’t die but I will be very sick”. Well my food came and they had goldfish crackers in the original packaging on the plate and I asked her if I should be concerned about the rest of the meal being gluten free and she said, “no, just a habit given that it always comes with the soup”. I thought ok, they know what they are doing. So I started to eat my sandwich which was delicious, and certainly was on the smaller gluten free bread, then noted it seemed like there was a light breading (hard to notice given all the toppings) when she came back I said “this isn’t fried is it?”. She said, “yes”, but the fryer is a source of cross-contamination. She said “oh, I thought you knew that when you ordered”. I said I ordered from the gluten free meal, why would I know you would do that, the. thinking about her earlier comments I started to get mad and she asked if I wanted to talk to a manger. I said “definitely”. When he came over I explained what happened then it dawned on me that perhaps the breading was actual breading and I asked the manager. He acknowledged it was flour gluten containing breading that was fried. He also said I know when you came in you only had the gluten free menu, the kitchen questioned the server about the gluten free allergen and the fried chicken but she told the kitchen that she explained it to me and that was what I wanted, which was a bold face lie. I truly believe she did it on purpose after speaking with the manager. I know people can’t understand how upset I am, but I’m pregnant, and had a flight 4h later across country to go home from my business trip. I also react very badly to gluten to where I can end up sick for 4-5 days needing IV fluids because I get so sick. So far I’ve only had the cloudy head completely out of it this afternoon, bright red burning hands, and stomach cramps. I’ll be happy if this is as bad as it gets. If you go here as a Celiac, I highly encourage you to speak with a manager before ordering. Unfortunately I didn’t get the servers name - I just left after this ordeal. She was a larger person, maybe mid-to-late twenties, and had very distinguishing hair as her whole head was shaved except the top. I truly hope she is no longer in this role. She really could do serious harm to someone with this behavior. 😡🤬

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Updated 3 years ago