Mermaids Bakery

Review by Dottie

1543 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202
Not celiac
1 year ago
Not celiac friendly

Yes, they do have a limited selection of GF cupcakes. definitely not a gluten-free facility as you can see from the huge workspace and blenders in the front window when you come in the door. I did mention to them that the gluten-free cupcakes were on the bottom underneath the regular cupcakes so there is definitely the potential for some uncontaminated cupcakes to become contaminated once they are in the display case. The girl at the counter was so new she just didn't get it and when I mentioned it to a person who seemed to be in charge there she didn't seem to care. As she told me, " it's not a gluten-free facility and there's always a chance of cross contamination. That's mentioned on our website. it only matters if you're Celiac". Mmmm, OK..... That just tells me you don't understand the full depth of gluten sensitivity. therefore I would not be able to tell a Celiac they would feel safe in this place but those of us who are Gluten Sensitive may or may not notice anything from a Mermsid cupcake. I have Hashimoto's so I don't get any intestinal symptoms. So, I ate the cupcake. The texture wasn't very dense and a little bit firm but not dry. The frosting was very light and fluffy and not overly sweet which I thought was good. So all in all, I'd say it was a solid grade B /B+ GF cupcake. Not as good as my favorite (2Good2be) but definitely better than a lot of others I have tried. The main reason the Mermaids didn't get four stars from me was due to the attitude of the woman running the kitchen. even though she is making GF cupcakes she seems to have little knowledge as to the depth of food sensitivities.