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422 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

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We went here yesterday around 4/4:30PM because of the great reviews from Celiacs on here. Unfortunately I can’t add a good one to the mix...

The environment is chill (and a little Mexican-style hipster), and I was so excited to eat here. Since I was diagnosed (I’m very severe) over a year ago, we haven’t had any luck with Hispanic foods—my favorites—but with the positive reviews from claiming Celiacs, I was hopeful.

We asked the server before ordering if they could handle a severe Celiac. She hesitated and I should’ve taken that as a “no”, but she explained that everything was gluten free outside of flour tortillas which they do make in-house. They use the same pan for grilling tortillas (corn and flour) but she’d note the allergy and it would be cleaned out.

I went against my gut, but I’m glad I could make the delicious sacrifice to be able to write this review.

So far it seems like a moderate contamination.

With a family of 5, 2 of us are Celiacs, 1 is gluten-sensitive (migraines), and the other 2 we don’t take chances with and order all GF for the table. With that said, I ordered the shrimp tacos minus Pico (can’t eat onions), my children ordered cheese quesadillas, and my migraine-suffering partner ordered chicken enchiladas—all with corn tortillas.

(Supposedly GF) Chips and tomate dip were provided for free.

I tried a small bite of a quesadilla (possibly the contaminant) and the chips and dip, in addition to my tacos with rice, but I can’t pinpoint which was the culprit directly, although I’m sure the quesadilla but was a bad idea...

I gave it 2 stars because it is delicious, our server was kind and thoughtful, and I’m hoping it was a one-time mess-up in the kitchen.

The server came out as they were preparing our food and let us know that the cooks cleaned all the surfaces and changed their gloves. My confidence was redeemed, only to now be in pretty severe lower abdominal pain with the worst yet to come...

I hope my review helps a Celiac either avoid this place or make a smarter ordering choice if you dare to take the risk.

Best Wishes,


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