Mirabelle's Cafe

Review by Jazzypanda

198 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401
11 months ago


Went here for brunch recently. Before looking at the menu I asked about being gluten free and the waitress let me know they had gf bread. I ordered an omelette (which was good). When I ordered I confirmed about cross contamination. She said the omelette would be cooked in a separate pan. The rest of the meal, though, hash browns and gluten free toast would be cooked on the same surface as wheat pancakes (!). I asked if there was any way for them to cook those on a separate surface and she said no. I asked if there were any alternative carbohydrates and she offered to substitute fruit. So I agreed to fruit (sliced oranges). I also asked if they could just microwave the bread to heat it and she said yes, which worked out okay. It was frustrating that they weren’t set up to serve a starch that I could eat as a celiac. It was helpful that the waitress knew how things would be cooked and was open to my suggestion. I’ve eaten here in the past and had soup and salad which were good and were celiac friendly. I like the ambiance. They have baked goods so I’m guessing that air-born flour could be an issue.