Mitchell's Fish Market

Review by Cessy

Newport on the Levee, 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071
5 years ago

After explaining my condition to the waiter, I asked him to alert the chef AND double check my order before bringing it out. I ordered the g-free Shanghi style tilapia. When they brought it out I thought the soy sauce smelled WAY too good to be true so I insisted that the waiter double check gluten-free status with the chef. And the verdict... It was not gluten free. Brought me a "regular" order with wheat soy sauce. Should have known better when the waiter said he'd never heard of "that disease" before. Haven't eaten at a restaurant in 6 months but wanted so badly tonight to celebrate my fiancé's birthday along with the rest of the family. Sick & tired of going out to dinner and having a glass of water. Gluten free menus and restaurants that have them tend to support the fad, not the celiac. (Otherwise the staff would be properly trained). False hope just sucks.