Review of MOD Pizza

145 Commerce Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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In a colossal failure of marketing, Mod Pizza names their gluten-free crust GLUTEN FRIENDLY. It’s like naming a milkshake chocolate lover to designate that it’s vanilla. I can’t even say how annoying I find that, because my whole problem is that my body is decidedly unfriendly to gluten. They make no claims to serving gluten-free pizza, offering the standard disclaimer about being made in a facility that processed wheat, and it’s just as well because they don’t take precautions like changing their gloves or cleaning the area the way other places do. The crust itself is one of the larger gluten-free-ish crusts available in the area. I could easily make two meals out of it, as opposed to other single sized gluten-free crusts that always seem a little too big to eat in one sitting and too small to be two meals. The crust itself, as pretty much all gluten-free crusts tend to be, was bland. It was crispy in the edges and weirdly doughy in the center, given that it’s precooked. They have a wide variety of toppings and the veggies are really fresh. However, I ordered spinach on mine and watched in disbelief as the person in the line carefully distribute five tiny baby spinach leaves across the crust. The pizza cooks really fast, but vegetables like green pepper cake out completely raw while the edge of the crust was burnt. So far I’m not a fan, but it’s also a new location so maybe they need time to get the kinks worked out. But I prefer Piology who offers a thin crispy crust and an automatic glove change or &pizza, who changes their gloves and wipe down the counters and have a delicious Smart Flour crust. If only they would open a location a minute from my house!

Updated: because my kids’ school has a fundraiser here I ate here a second time. This time they changed their gloves when told I had a wheat allergy and took precautions. I ordered the Tristan with some extra veggies and it came out tasty and crispy, perhaps because they added the pesto sauce last. However, despite their precautions, my stomach was a little off today, so I still don’t consider it celiac safe. Still not the best, but has shown improvement.

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Updated 11 months ago