Modern Market

Review by A

1627 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

As a vegetarian with celiacs, eating out is very challenging for me and I absolutely love sandwiches. Finding a place with gluten free and vegetarian sandwiches is like finding a unicorn. These sandwiches are tasty and unique and nowhere near where I live, but I’ve made the trek twice for them and thought it was worth it. I love the blueberry pesto sandwich. My only complaint is that the gf bun is so bland and fluffy. I would like more of the flavorful fillings and less bun. I grew up eating Mom’s homemade whole wheat bread, so I like bread with some flavor and texture to it. I know gf bread is a challenge, but I hope they’ll eventually come up with something better than this. Also, I find that the buns tend to be smaller than a whole sandwich. I’m a hearty eater, so even if I order a side I’m still hungry when I’m done, so it tends to make for an expensive lunch.