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We went to Olive Garden and told the waitress that we were gluten-free my wife is a celiac, I eat gluten-free to be on the safe side of no cross-contamination’s. She brought us at our salad with croutons and breadsticks which we of course sent back because we don’t eat it. We ordered the gluten-free rotini with a marinara sauce my wife and I both started to eat our meal and partway through there was a piece of spaghetti in my wife’s meal, regular spaghetti.

I asked to speak to the manager to point out the spaghetti and my wife said she was concerned about cross-contamination if there was a piece of spaghetti in her meal she didn’t eat anymore of course, but she also thought did they use the same utensils, which of course would have caused cross contamination. The manager responded by saying that the utensils were in hot water so it kills off any of that, to which my wife says that gluten is a protein in it wouldn’t die off by hot water.

Celiacs beware, this place thinks that you can use the same utensils in your noodles whether it’s gluten-free or regular because the utensils would’ve been in hot water, eliminating cross contamination, we all know that’s not true. CELIACS BEWARE!!!!

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Updated 3 years ago