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18 E Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Update 6/25/14: Apologies to those of you who went to Oro looking for GF shrimp croutons. Apparently after my first visit the recipe was changed and the shrimp croutons are no longer GF.

The menu changes often, so check online for the latest gluten free options.

Tonight I had fried (rice flour) calamari with sweet chili sauce, salmon with passion fruit sauce and citrus jicama slaw and chocolate torte.

The calamari was great - lightly battered and fried. It was heavily peppered by design, which I normally would not care for, but it really worked with the sweet chili dipping sauce.

The salmon dish was perfection. Light and flavorful. Simple but fancy at the same time. Something I think I will try to make at home myself.

The torte was little on the mushy side, texture wise. But it was hot and humid outside, which probably had an effect on the texture. It was really great with a decaf coffee.

For some reason it took me nearly two years to make it back to Oro. That will not happen again.

9/2012: Naturally gluten free plates, marked on the menu. Everything is delicious, but the shrimp croutons that come with the Untraditional Caesar Salad are like magic crack for gluten free people. I'm not sure what Chef does to make them, but I'm going with voodoo - although rice flour seems more likely.

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