Review of Outback Steakhouse

5455 Coventry Lane, Ft. Wayne, IN 46804

Overall Rating


I ate at Outback for my dad’s birthday tonight, and I was at least willing to try it after seeing a few positive reviews here in the Fort. After all, beggars can’t be choosers. I will say, though, my waitress was very knowledgeable about cc and she was able to give me a full run down on cooking processes. I had the chicken and mixed veggies, with an added shrimp skewer. Overall, the dish was pretty plain. But it was also safe! And I Nima tested it, with a happy result. The waitress also brought me a side of bbq sauce and butter, both gf. Add that with some salt and pepper, and we were in business! I don’t love eating out, but there were a decent number of options and in the end— it was safe. That’s a 100% win in my book!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago