Review of Over the Rainbow Desserts

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Overall Rating


Really disappointing experience - we are visiting from out of town for my birthday and I was so excited to find this place. I am gluten free and dairy free (intolerances no celiacs) and was excited to see they had an extensive list of gluten free and a list of vegan cupcakes on their website. Foolishly, I thought that since the two lists were nearly identical that they may make some of them both gluten free and vegan. They were closed for the first two days of our trip so we went first thing when they opened at 11 am on the next day. We walked in to find they did not have very many cupcakes in the case even though they had just happened. I asked if they had any gluten free and vegan flavors and I was very rudely informed that they would have a vegan flavor ready later in the day and that they weren't making any gluten free flavors today. When I asked about the combination of gluten free and vegan, the girl again responded as if I were really annoying her and said that the only way to get gluten free and vegan cupcakes was to order and pay for a dozen today and only in plain chocolate or plain vanilla flavors for tomorrow. This was really disappointing after seeing all of the amazing gf and vegan flavors available on their website, so I don't understand how they can't combine them to make more flavors than chocolate and vanilla. I understand that they are a traditional bakery but their website boasts about their gluten free and vegan cupcakes so I really think the worker should have been friendlier about answering questions about these types of cupcakes. Also, as someone with food intolerances that scours websites looking for a place I can get a special treat at, I would recommend that they add more transparency to their website in regards to the gf/vegan cupcakes. For example, it would be great to know that they only offer chocolate and vanilla that are both gf and vegan and that they must be ordered in advance. Also, it would be helpful to mention that they don't even make one of each gf and vegan a day. Normally I would call but with them being closed Sunday and Monday and not open until 11 am on Tuesday (today), I instead just looked forward to a special birthday treat on vacation for two days only to be very disappointed. I would manage your expectations if you try to eat here and definitely call ahead before making the trip.

Updated 4 years ago