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2103 McHenry Ave Suite A, Modesto, CA 95350

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I have Celiac, and I work for a different location(didn't want my manager to think I was bad-mouthing our restaurant), but I know how Panera trains their staff, and their policy on gluten-free food. Panera is unsafe for Celiacs, which is why they say they have "gluten-conscious" menu items, but not gf. Unfortunately, the veggies for the salads are cut on the same cutting board as all the bread. There is flour in the air that they dust on the bread after it's done baking. The bases for all the soups are processed, and I doubt that they are processed on a dedicated gluten free line. At my location, I ordered an iced coffee and I asked the barista to change her gloves, and she argued with me. Maybe at some locations, the staff are really sweet and will try to accommodate you, but, even if they try, chances are the food is already cross- contaminated. Since I work there, I only trust coffees and teas that I have prepared myself, soda from the machines, and certain canned drinks that are certified gluten free.

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Updated 1 year ago