Review of Pizzeria Locale

1730 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

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This place is probably fine for mildly gluten intolerant folks, but definitely not for Celiacs like me or those that are at all sensitive. The pizzaiolo was not wearing gloves, and did not wash his hands between handling the regular dough and the GF dough. Also the oven is shared and all the pies are cooked directly on the same surface. Furthermore, the staff could not tell us if the sauces and toppings were contaminated or not, kind of a moot point after watching the preparation. Shocker, a pizza place that doesn't cater to Celiacs, right? (Sarcasm). I was just hopeful because it's owned by Chipotle and I've had great experiences with their staff and haven't been glutened there. Locale has a GF pizza on the menu, so I thought maybe give it a try. Not so much! I chose not to eat after watching them contaminate the "GF" pie several times. My wife is not GF and she tried the GF pie and said it was undercooked and gross anyway. Maybe just trying to make me feel better, but it did look soggy in the middle, and she made a very convincing grossed-out face as she chewed. I actually hated the ambiance anyway, it was loud and the place felt overcrowded even though it was half empty. I feel like we got ripped off because they tried to convince me the pie would be GF but their process makes it impossible to eat it if you really can't have gluten. I paid for it anyway despite not being able to eat it, didn't want the server to have to cover the bill just because I have a disease. The staff was friendly enough but clueless about Celiac disease, and I feel like they could have acknowledged the GF pie that went mostly uneaten except for a single bite that my wife took. Again, expected for a pizza place, but I had higher expectations with it being in Boulder, owned by Chipotle, and associated with Frasca. Won't be back.

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Updated 5 years ago