Poke Papa

Review by sydonie77

806 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Not celiac
1 month ago

It’s fast casual so I recommend you do what I did- walk up to the cashier directly and ask to talk to someone about your allergies. I brought a menu with me and the staff member (not sure if he was the manager but he was very knowledgeable) walked me through every item on the menu (and marked which ones I could have that were soy/dairy free, gluten free is already marked). Not only did he help me pick a basic make-your-own bowl, since I tend to prefer basic bowls when testing out a new place just in case, but he was very encouraging of showing me all the options I could have. Lots of unmarinated protein options, white rice, mixed greens, even zucchini noodles! My dining companions thought their more adventurous options were really good too so I’m definitely going to be back to try more.