Review of Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes

1200 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Overall Rating


Great food. Yes, there was a bit of a wait, and yes, our plates did come about 5 mins apart. But, that is a testament to how popular the place is. The food is made individually and that takes time. I'm sure they could have held all our plates til it was all ready, but then some of us would have been eating cold food. And since we went for breakfast, that would've meant cold eggs. No thanks. As for whether or not it's gluten free as opposed to made with non gluten ingredients, I honestly didn't pay attention. I've been gf for 14+ years and I am of the stance that if you are that sensitive, you should stick to eating at home or in dedicated gf restaurants. Our time is limited in Nashville, but if we lived here, I'd gladly eat here again

Updated 4 years ago