Restaurant 1858

Review by alomax92

6 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Not celiac
2 years ago


Celiac friendly?



Restaurant 1858 is an establishment that knows service. Despite the fact that they were getting ready for an event with a group of 50, we received first class care from our server, the manager, and the chef. My wife has been on a celiac journey for 16 years and our evening ranked in her top 5 ever for how she was treated. The food (we got the steak and trout dishes) was cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, and presented perfectly. They knew we were going to share each other's meals and took the time to actually divide and plate half of each dish separately in the kitchen. Chef Mario even came out personally to see if everything was prepared satisfactorily. I felt the price for the quality and atmosphere was very reasonable. If in Colorado Springs and needing a romantic place for dinner, Restaurant 1858 is it. They did not have a dedicated menu but it is a clean, fresh menu and they were knowledgeable about celiac to know what needed to be prepared differently for my wife.