Review of Rocco's Tacos And Tequila Bar

5250 Town Center Cir, Boca Raton, FL 33486

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Celiac friendly?



Okay so here is the deal please read this carefully if you are celiac. This location does not have a separate fryer and as of January 2020 their corn tortillas are made in facility w Wheat. There are a few dishes u can have tho. I had the Mexican Cobb salad and I feel great. How do I know this? I ordered from an amazing manager. After I said I’m celiac he was 100% aware of what that meant and said I was NOT okay to eat chips and I was okay w enchiladas. He then personally came to table and said “the chef wanted me to come speak to you and said make sure she knows our corn tortillas say made in factory with wheat.” The manager then told me what to order and I feel 100% fine. So you can go to this location but do not eat the chips and ask about corn tortillas. Some of the other locations have separate fryers but not this one just yet they are working on it but most important they do know celiac. I’d recommend ordering from manager I had a great experience.

Updated 2 months ago