Review of Romano's Macaroni Grill

2510 Tenderfoot Hill St., Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Overall Rating


So they only really offer a pasta substitute that is gluten free, which isn’t bad and if you have cooked gluten free pasta you know it’s temperamental, which in my case they did a great wonderful job. I was told only 2 sauces were considered gluten free which is a olive oil garlic one, & normal red sauce. I am sure both would be great but not ideal for things like fettuccine Alfredo, or other dishes. But I did opt for their garlic cream sauce since i am gluten intolerant not celiac but it’s been a hour and so far no issues. So i would just say for celiac it’s extremely limited, for gluten intolerance i would say at your own risk. But i very much enjoyed my meal, they made sure to let me know when it came out it was gluten free and if there were any issues they would take it back ASAP. Also they do offer to add sauce on the side if you want to try the sauce out before pouring it over your entire meal.

Updated 1 year ago