Review of Rumbi

4193 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, UT 84405

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Celiac friendly?



Had the chicken/veggies/rice bowl with the GF teriyaki sauce. Nice to have a GF option other than pasta or pizza, but I really disliked this meal. The sauce was sickly sweet had the consistency of an artificial dessert syrup and the chicken was rubbery with pieces of chewy fat. It was equivalent to (and arguably tasted worse) than the microwaveable teriyaki bowls I used to buy from the Costco freezer section. The chicken pieces even appeared to have fake grill marks on them (but I could be wrong). Were the sauce more natural and less of a dessert sauce and the chicken actually had the taste and texture of real, freshly grilled chicken (therefore, please use natural, unprocessed chicken and grill it same day on-site), I would eat there again. As the meal is now, I won't. The owners of this restaurant should go try the chicken at places such as Chipotle and move towards that level of natural, healthy, and way better tasting food.

Updated 6 years ago