Review of Rusty Bucket

73 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230

Overall Rating


Stopped here on our way back home. I was excited for a place with such an extensive GF menu. I ordered the bucket of shrimp and the double stacked quesadilla. The shrimp was great and they even had woodchuck cider, however, our waitress was terrible. Our drinks and food all came at the same time. She explained that she had been very busy with a larger party and apologized. No biggie. I was about to eat a piece of quesadilla, when I noticed it looked A LOT like a flour tortilla and not corn. Luckily, I had my Nima Sensor with me and tested it. Sure enough it came back "gluten detected" . I had planned to just send it back and have it remade because, hey mistakes happen. However, our waitress did not come back to check on us for another 15-20 minutes! At this point I was irritated. I wanted to get cheesecake to go but when I calmly explained to her what happened and how it would have made me very sick, she rudely brushed it off and said "well we have this item on our normal menu and they must have grabbed the wrong one, so they could just remake it." I explained to her that we were traveling and didn't have time to wait since we had been there close to an hour for a party of 2 in a restaurant that wasn't a quarter full and would just like it removed from our bill. Left without cheese cake and opted for Menchie's fro yo a few doors down. No manager came to apologize. In summary, the employees that I experienced had no regard for my safety and did not care about my satisfaction. If you have celiac disease, eat here with caution.

Updated 3 years ago