Review of Saltgrass Steak House

60 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78216

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Zac was treated like a King at Salt Grass tonight by our waiter Nate!

I hadn’t eaten there in a long time, but me and my in-laws were looking for something different. With Zac’s dietary restrictions we have be cautious where we eat.

So I pulled up my “Find Me Gluten Free” app and saw that Salt Grass offered gluten free options. He loves steak so I said great! Let’s do it.

Well you know a lot of steak houses have bread and so does Salt Grass. When the waiter brought the bread out I told Zac he can’t eat it. The waiter looked at me confused and I explained he has to eat gluten free. He responded “Well we have gluten free bread would you like me to bring him some?” You can see from the pic above that Z was in heaven!

Then he automatically brought me the gluten free menu without having to ask. Their menu even had kids choices on it and it included steak! I am so used to ordering him an adult meal in order to accommodate his needs.

The sides were mashed potatoes and French fires. Nate explained that the fries are not gluten free so he offered veggies and I asked if they had fruit (which I didn’t see on the menu). He said “I can cut up strawberries, apples and oranges for him. Zac said “Can I have apples?!?!”

Well he brought him warm apples with cinnamon because they didn’t have plain apples like he thought. The waiter said “If he doesn’t like it I can get him something else”. But Z loved it!

I mean I never had a waiter or waitress be so accommodating to my son.

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