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Reported to have a gluten-free menu
7200 West Ray Road
Chandler, AZ 85226

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Gluten free items are marked on the menu with a GF, which I learned when I called ahead - no need to special order anything. However, I ordered the adobo pork tacos and they came in a nice soft tortilla. I was suspicious but ate them anyway because I'm not celiac (I will just be miserable for a few days; not my preference, but I was super hungry, having been anticipating a safe meal). Now I know my suspicions were correct.

I also had to order the tacos without the sauce, as I told the waitress I can't have milk or cheese (allergy; I didn't use the word allergy but I suppose I know the reason why now - wait staff is probably only generally trained to understand the significance of a 'I can't have' request of you also say 'allergy'). However, the side of rice and beans that apparently comes with the tacos showed up later with cheese sprinkled on top.

Bottom line - don't trust the gluten free markings on the menu, and use the word 'allergy' if you need them to pay attention (if you even want to risk going here).

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SANDBAR DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!! They have the worst management and employees I have ever seen.

On Jan. 31, 2015, me and 6 of my friends go to Sandbar to watch the UFC fight. We each paid $10 to get in. We put our name down for a table, but at the time all the tables were taken and would mostly likely be taken till the end of the fight. Ok, that’s fine.

We are there for a few hours standing around watching the fight till it ended. We have still have not sat in a table yet and we are all getting hungry. Once the fight ended we went up to the hostess station where there was no hostess to be found for like 10 mins. We end up having to grab a security card to talk to someone.

Now they are telling us that they are not serving the regular menu any more. They are now only serving the bar menu with little appetizers. We are getting frustrated at this point because its at this point when they tell us we are on our own now for finding a table. What was the point of putting our name in and getting a little buzzer?

Well we find a table after about 30 mins of just standing there waiting for a table to open. We all sit down and are ready to eat. My friends ask for a press to take there order to three different people and not one of them came back to take our order. When they have to ask for our table to be cleared because it still has dirty plates, food and drinks still on the table. It was gross. Someone eventually cleans the table after multiple attempts of asking. Still at this point we have not had someone take our order. I then go ask 5 different people to find someone to take our order for the table. This process took another 15 mins. Finally after asking numerous times we finally get someone to take our order on the bar menu. Again we ask to have the table wiped down while we ordered. 5-10mins go by still no one has wiped down our table. But they do however bring our checks for everything. WE HAVENT EVEN GOT OUR FOOD!!! It was at this point I ask for the manager. A few minutes go by still no manager. I stop another employee and ask for a manager. Waited a couple minutes still no manager. I then stop the first girl I asked and demanded that I speak with a manager. She then tells me he is busy in a meeting. I don’t care. I want to talk to a manager I have waited long enough.

Finally I have a manger come out. I tell him “Wow you are a hard man to get a hold of…” he then tells me he is busy. That just upset me more. You customers should be a priority to you. They are the ones that keep you paycheck coming each month. He said I was raising my voice and that if I don’t stop he was going to walk away. Again, the manager does not care. I tell him to look at the table and ask him would you eat here, with all this left over food on the table? He said no and said he would take care of it and started to walk away. I told him I wasn’t finished. I then told him that we received our check before we got our food. I said, “ What type of establishment are you trying to run here this is ridiculous. Apparently I raised my voice when I said this because then instead of being a manager who is supposed to be the problem solver. He just walk away. Are you kidding me? I have never been so disrespected by a manger before. What type of manger just walks away from a problem in their restaurant? Why was this man hired in the first place?

Sandbar Desert Ridge has the worst management and clueless employees I have ever seen. Me and my friends have never been disrespected and have hand that horrible of service. This also seems like a health code problem to with how the constitute what is clean in their restaurant. This makes me wonder how everything is prepared in the back where they cook your food.

Bottom line as a manager of a restaurant you should not have to ask multiple times to talk to a manager and when you do decide to come out of your office, you don’t act like I am bothering you. You are the manager, my problems are your problems and you are supposed to be the problem solver and make things right. How do you make things right by disrespecting your customers and walking away from the problems?

Sandbar Desert Ridge has the most incompetent managers and has more employees that could not care less. I don’t know how this place is in business if this is how they care about their customers. If this is how they run their other locations. I can see how their other location at Northern and 101 went out of business.

I used to be a long time customer of Sandbar. But after this experience, Sandbar Desert Ridge has not only lost me as a customer but my friends as well. I will make sure anyone I know never steps foot in Sandbar. Why would you want to go to a business that does not even care about its customers and even disrespects them?


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Gluten free items are now labeled on the menu. Several apps and most tacos are gluten free. No Gf beer, but cider on draft. Lots of options!!

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This establishment is NOT a dedicated gluten-free facility and may not be safe for those with celiac disease. Please contact the establishment directly to inquire about safety precautions.

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I just called and they said no gluten free menu? Does anyone know something they don't?

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Great variety of gluten free food!

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