Review of Sibling by Pushkin's

1813 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811

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My dad and I decided to drive up to Pushkin's Restaurant the first weekend we were available. We came in at about 10:30am and were told the wait would be 35 minutes. Of course we were going to wait but it was nice because we were actually sat within 10 minutes. We decided for a drink we would split the Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider and I also got a coffee with almond milk.

I love how on the bottom of the menu it says something along the lines of "It's Pushkin's; of course it's all gluten free!" This was so cute and welcoming. My dad decided to order the burger with the vegan cashew cheese with fries that we could split and I got the Crescent City Fish Sand, no special sauce, add mustard. Our food came out relatively quickly for how busy it was and they gave rather large portions. We definitely did not feel like we were getting ripped off. I thoroughly enjoyed my Cajun spiced fish sandwich, while my dad was stuffed from his burger. The fries were enjoyable it's always nice to be able to get fries from a dedicated gluten free place. So often this is something those of us with celiac disease miss out on.

Overall the whole experience was really enjoyable. While we were waiting for our food I went over to where they were selling pastries and got 2 cupcakes to go for myself. (Carrot and vanilla blueberry) We felt like everything was fairly priced and it was a good deal for what you got. On top of that great gluten free and dairy free food! I was disappointed that when I went they had no blueberry pancakes on the menu anymore! That's actually what I wanted to get. Oh well maybe next time they'll be back on the menu. Definitely stop and give this place a try, even if you're not gluten free this spot is a gem for brunch!

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Updated 4 years ago