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6400 Holly Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

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I live in Santa Fe and needed to find a place for lunch during a doctor's office visit. I really liked the menu of fresh seafood and veggies, and I read they have a dedicated fryer so we gave it a try. Immediately, when I let the young lady behind the counter know I had celiac and would need her help ordering (they don't have a specific gluten free menu) I could see the awareness of what I needed come into her eyes. I basically had the whole menu to order from, and they would personally keep me away from gluten since they let the kitchen know. In fact, as I was pondering the menu (you order at the counter) the owner of the franchise came up, noticing I had order preferences, and he jumped in and said they would tailor my order knowing I couldn't eat gluten. So I had the Power Bowl that had rice and veggies, shrimp and tilapia. I also ordered a side of fries that were delicious! When the food was brought to my table, the same young lady reiterated that the dish was gluten free. I felt really safe here. Later, the owner swung by and I learned his members of his family have some food in tolerances, so he understood.

BTW, he said the clam chowder is also GF made with corn starch. I will definitely be back.

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