Sol Food Bar & Grill

Review by Kris

1405 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201
5 years ago

I so wanted to give this place a great review but unfortunately I cannot. Our party of 3 waited at least 45 minutes to receive our food which tasted ok but not memorable and was pretty pricey for what we ordered. Sol only had 2 other small parties seated before us and apparently they had both waited a long time to receive their food too. Another party of 2 was seated 10 minutes after we arrived and received their food before us! This is so disappointing as the outdoor patio is very nicely appointed with live flowers, sun decorative ornaments adorning the brick walls, and comfortable patio chairs & tables with large umbrellas. I am sure it would be even more beautiful at night the way it is set up with rope lights and twinkle lights. We almost felt as if we were on vacation because you cannot see the street from the back. As far as GF I am not sure as we asked about dairy and our waitress did not think our choice contained any dairy. I am sorry Sol but we will not return :-( Please consider bringing in Restaurant Impossible!