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918 NE 64th St, Seattle, WA 98115

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This place has great food but they are not 100% gluten free so be ware. When I called to ask them about it, the girl said "everything we make is gluten free" so that was a bit misleading. They have sticky gluten-filled hoisin sauce sitting right on the table. They also have the option of a regular French baguette or a gf one so there is potential for cross contamination. Supposedly everything else is gluten free. I also asked if they had potato vodka and the server had no idea and had to find out. (They don't). They do however have a nice, albeit small selection of Omission gluten free beer.

I've gotten takeout from here and also ate at the restaurant. The takeout experience was way better! After actually eating in the restaurant, I had to come back and amend my review! It was so crowded and uncomfortable. The tables are tiny and then they brought out these giant metal plates! It was really quite bizarre. We didn't have enough room for everything. They also made us fill our own takeout boxes with zero room on our table! If you're sitting closer to a stranger than the person you came with, then there's a problem! The service was pretty bad too. Then, after bad service, no room, and awkwardly trying to fill our own takeout boxes without elbowing the people next to us, we were given a tablet to swipe our card with and asked to tip right there in front of them, with the smallest tip option (without doing a custom tip) of 16.5%! Insane. Anyhow, If you eat here, I highly recommend takeout!! (If that wasn't clear) :)

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Updated 5 years ago