Review of Souplantation

1810 Main Court, Chula Vista, CA 91911

Overall Rating


First, we are not from I was expecting more of a Jason's Deli vibe...this is a massive buffet with a very long salad bar, soups, potatoes, pastas,and baked goods. Buffet and Celiac sets off bells for me, not the good kind. There is all sorts of XC going on here. Croutons next to sunflower seeds, dressings in back of and dripping into other dressings, soups and shared spoons. In their favor, its all labeled "gluten friendly" (not to digress, but it should be gluten UNfriendly, or UNgluten friendly). I did they must be doing something okay. I did stay away from the cheese that had an oyster cracker in it...and anything close to questionable ingredients. So....not SUPER satisfying...but I got to make my plate, versus whatever mysterious thing that happens to my food in a kitchen. Also, one other complaint...out of 8 soups, only the chili was GF. What are you doing to the tomato basil? Or even the clam chowder?

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago