Review of Starbucks

1396 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

Overall Rating


Customer service is a hit or miss at this location, however I like that I can bring my pup as there is outdoor seating and I like the convenience of ordering and paying through the Starbucks app. Finally decided to try Certified Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich after speaking with the staff about how it is prepared. While the use separate tongs and the sandwich is sealed, they use the same counter space and oven lined with oven paper as their non gf items and expressly say they cannot guarantee safety. Once it was heated, they placed the still sealed sandwich in a pastry bag. I opened the bag carefully, however I did still worry they could be crumbs on package. The sandwich itself was a standard breakfast sandwich with the expected chewy, density from most gf muffins, but it was nice to finally get to eat something prepared at Starbucks. I paired it with a decaf Americano. Not entirely safe but I had no issues, reactions or illness, and plan on having another sandwich at this particular location in the future.

Updated 3 years ago