Review of Su Barchile

Via F. I. Mannu, 7, 08028 Orosei NU, Italy

Overall Rating


The best Pizza I had in ages.Sitting in a small street the Pizzeria (which is serperated from the also gluten free Restaurant) serves excellent (yes, I mean it!!) Pizza, which is 100% gluten free. My non-celiac girlfriend enjoyed the dinner with me and confirmed: A very good Pizza. If no one told you its gluten free you would not really recognize it. It has everything: A crisp but soft in the inside edge and good taste all around. I am really amazed and we immediately made a reservation for the next day (which is the only way to taste their gluten free breads as well). By the way: The gluten free strawberry tiramisu was also delicious. Mission Nr. 1 for our vacation is now: find out what they do different then all the other medium-tasting gluten free Pizza Places.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago