Review of Sushi Zushi

203 S St Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78205

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Celiac friendly?



If your craving sushi and have celiac disease like I do, feel free to go here. Service was not as good as it could be. But the waiter was nice and listened to my concerns. The menu does suck, it lists the sushi roll items in the back that are gluten free but doesn't list the ingredients. So you have to flip through the 7 page menu find the item to see what's in it and if that's what you want. They did prepare my meal separately to avoid cross contamination and also brought me GF soy sauce. I get sick easily and I feel fine. I had 3 sushi rolls! All were good. It does take some time to get your food but it's sushi, and they have to prepare it special to suit our GF needs so I didn't mind being patient.

Updated 6 years ago