Review of Sweet Tomatoes

2080 N. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108

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I love this place for a cheaper buffet while Celiac. Since I became pregnant, finding a satisfying, healthy and affordable meal has been difficult elsewhere... but not here. I always leave full and happy with many healthy options! I would recommend taking your time to look at the items that are next to gluten-containing items and avoiding them unless they have been recently changed out by staff. Items next to croutons and the like... don't risk it. I got sick from this place once and guess who's fault it was... MINE. Take responsibility Celiacs and take care of your illness! Don't let a wandering eye make you nervous-- I would also recommend not going there during peak hours like SATURDAYS where things run out often and utentils are not always available so people without your allergy might grab your thongs to pick up their GLUTEN BUNS and put it BACK IN THE GF BIN! Not cool! But I can't blame others for their ignorance, it is gross to use your hands at a buffet! In the case of Sweet Tomatoes, the GF buns are placed next to gluten buns so if there is no utensil, grab a napkin to pick them up, or a clean fork! Since this one occasion, I have not been sick and have had the soups and even other items next to gluten-containing items as long as I take care to notice the 'situation'. Floating croutons? nope. Lol. Crumbs next to my GF option? nope. Pickled items are also a eat at your own risk situation-- I can't eat anything with distilled vinegar in it like ketchup or mustard so I avoid the pickles, jalapenos and such. You dig? Also the drinks may not be labeled but as far as I have experienced the lemonades are fine :D

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Updated 2 years ago