Review of Sweetfin

735 W 7th St Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Overall Rating


This was on my gf list of places to eat in LA when we came here. But after reading a couple of poor reviews regarding the restaurant chain and not fresh fish, etc I didn’t want to go. But, it ended up being our only option for gluten free food one night because of transportation and time so we ate here. I got a vegetarian bowl because I was worried about the fish after reading the other reviews. It was actually very delicious but spicier than I thought (and I don’t think they had a spicy rating in their menu). Regardless one minute after eating I felt a cramp and I was thinking uh oh. For about ten minutes I felt cramps and then it went away. Middle of the night, sick, still sick in the morning. Not sure if i was glutened or had food poisoning but I definitely don’t recommend. They say everything is gluten free but??? It’s fast food, you order at a kiosk, no communication with a person, how do I really know that’s always the case?? My symptoms were the same as if I had eaten gluten but in other reviews people without celiac also experienced getting sick, but they ate the fish. Either way, I don’t recommend.


Is ALL the food in this establishment gluten-free?

— All food is gluten free, some drinks may not be gluten-free

Quality & Quantity

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Below Average

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