Taco Boy

Review by Lana

217 Huger St, Charleston, SC 29403
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Pretty busy and popular place but ended up only waiting about 15 minutes for a table at lunch when they said it could be up to a 35 minute wait. They have kind of an unofficial gluten free menu (just a laminated piece of white copy paper) but there were 6 types of tacos to choose from including chicken, beef, shrimp, and a vegetarian option. Not sure why the rice bowls were not included on the gluten free menu but I didn’t ask because I wanted tacos. I had one taco with grilled chicken, one carne asada taco, one roasted cauliflower taco, and the Americano taco which is your basic ground beef, lettuce, etc. I got them all on corn tortillas but you do have the option to get bib lettuce shells instead. All of the tacos were delicious, but I would say the Carne asada was my favorite! My margarita was also very good and they have a good selection of margarita options. Be sure to note the gluten free menu has appetizers with chips on it, but the menu also notes these are NOT fried in a dedicated fryer. I chose to not have any chips. I did not get sick, the service was great, and I love Tex Mex so I would definitely go back again!