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118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654 Directions

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1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Great food, great staff. Big fan.

Not celiac
1 year ago

Delicious and most of the items are naturally gluten free. The waiter was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful! Would definitely recommend. They used a shared drier though, so beware of cross contamination

1 year ago

Wonderful Peruvian cuisine. Many gluten free choices. I had the Lomo Saltado (stir fry tenderloin) which was delicious. Our waiter was very knowledgeable on components of dishes and also cross contamination. Be aware that there is only one fryer so anything fried is off limits. Also the ceviche bar comes in contact with gluten dishes but he mentioned they could clean it before preparing my food (I didn’t order ceviche though).

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  • Cider


  • Bar
  • Dairy-Free
  • Latin
  • Plant Based
  • Restaurant
  • Vegan Friendly


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Not celiac
2 years ago

Beware, Tanta marinades theory Peruvian chicken in beer.

Not celiac
3 years ago
Not celiac friendly

As expected, and given the heavy bent on seafood (ceviches!), the majority of the menu is naturally gluten-free, with only gluten-containing subcomponents being a problem (for example, Huancaina sauce is thickened with puréed saltines in order to give it a cement-like consistency). Luckily, the staff was as knowledgeable and friendly as advertised, and were more than happy to spend time explaining menu items and recommending great substitutes, such as Huacatay [Peruvian black mint] sauce in lieu of the Huancaina, or chimichurri potatoes in lieu of deep-fried yucca. The latter highlights the biggest hit to Tanta's gluten-free rating, as it has no dedicated fryer -- and this affects not only deep-friend subcomponents of a dish, or tasty appetizers such as the yuquitas, but also the complimentary plantain chips given at each table. The drink menu is huge, but if you're not much into alcoholic beverages you'll be happy to note that some traditional Peruvian beverages are also served. The Chicha Morada [purple corn] drink, whose flavor is a akin to the milder offspring of grape juice and sarsparilla root beer, makes a refreshing starter! The desserts were also mind-blowingly good... the chef was happy to modify the Chicherito to make it gluten-free, but the naturally gluten-free Mouse de Chocolate Fortunato took the [GF] cake in terms of exquisiteness! Overall, the food was superb and the service was exceptional, and minus the fryer issue the restaurant deserves a lot of credit for trying to cater to gluten-free diners. Ironically, Tanta could probably benefit from traditional gluten-free versions of their problematic menu items... for instance, empanadas made using mashed fried yucca are superior in flavor and texture than their flour equivalents. Hopefully in time, Tanta can make the small improvements necessary to transition from simply a great place to try for GF diners, to a perfect recommendation!

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