Review of Taqueria Local

1627 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. I went here with my coworkers to have lunch because they supposedly had a large gluten free selection. WRONG. When I ordered I told the cashier that I had celiac and wanted to confirm that what was in the Al Pastor was gluten free. She asked the “manager” right next to her and his response was “whatever is marked is gluten free.” Well I noticed some of the options that were gluten free contained soy sauce so after I ordered I asked to speak to the manager (which I never do). I told him how serious the disease is and that if they could change their gloves I would really appreciate it and I apologized for being an inconvenience. He literally rolled his eyes at me and walked away. HE WALKED AWAY. Someone else in the kitchen heard that I had celiac and when they called my number he told me that all pork and most beef were marinated in soy sauce. He checked the soy sauce and said it had wheat in it. When I talked to the manager again he said “oh, only the corn tortillas are gluten free. Everything in it is not.” Then he offered me guacamole but said I shouldn’t eat the chips and that there were spoons. I asked for my money back and he acted like it was such a chore to deal with. I got a refund, apologized again, and walked away.

I sat while all my coworkers ate on the verge of tears because of how much of an inconvenience this disease is. Anyone looking to eat here, DON’T. They do not care about your health.

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Updated 1 year ago