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I was diagnosed with Celiac 8 years ago and have a real hard time eating anywhere except home due to most restaurants not taking the necessary steps to truly protect the meals I order from cross contamination. Taste of Thai, owners and staff, have understood Celiac and Gluten sensitive customers ever since I was diagnosed. They were my favorite restaurant and when I was diagnosed, I discussed it with the owner who set about finding the very best alternative sauces and ingredients to provide all of her menu offerings with a gluten free request. My family (one daughter who is Celiac as well) and I have been eating at Taste of Thai for years and have never had any issues. I am highly sensitive and it says a lot that I have always had great meals and zero issues. The food is simply beyond compare and I could write a novel on that, but this is about gluten and I think I have covered it for you. I have many Celiac friends and relatives who have become the "regulars" at Taste of Thai due to the trustworthiness of this restaurant.

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