Review of Taverna

258 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

Overall Rating


Went here for lunch yesterday while visiting Austin. They had special bread which was delicious and I ordered a pizza which was also very good (although later that afternoon I didnt feel well so I wonder about contamination - I didnt mark down for this as I'm not 100% it was them but I thought I would note that for future diners). The problem lies in their menu. They have a dedicated GF lunch menu which they clearly need to have re printed. The manager came over to "point a few things out" on the menu before I ordered. Those things were even though the prices were clearly listed on the menu they charge an "upcharge" of $2 more than what the menu says for GF items such as pizza and pasta. I was also tomd that although they have 5 different pasta dishes listed each listing a different noodle, they dont really have those noodles… so your feticcini alfredo would actually be served on their 1 GF pasta option which is a penne. Reprint your menus so they are accurate! Why have a different menu if everything on it is wrong?? I still gave 4 stars because my meal was tasty, as was hubby's non GF pizza.

Updated 6 years ago