Review of Ted's Cafe Escondido

700 N Interstate Dr, Norman, OK 73072

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We were told by multiple managers at both Norman and S. Western location that gluten free chips had a dedicated fryer. Went to S. Western tonight and server told us the contrary. Neither of the 2 managers we spoke with could explain why they even offered separate "gluten sensitive" chips. I told them that if they came from the same fryer, they were exactly the same as the non-"gluten sensitive" ones! They both went into fryer gluten-free and came out of fryer contaminated. Oh, and the "gluten-free" yellow corn tortillas...they are dipped into fryer before serving!! As are the enchiladas made with yellow corn tortillas!! If you truly want your tortillas to be safe, you have to ask manager to microwave them rather than to drop your enchiladas into fryer. The 4 Celiacs in our group went home very hungry this evening.

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Updated 4 years ago