Review of Ted's Cafe Escondido

5301 Main St #117, Del City, OK 73115

Overall Rating


I got glutened but it was 100% my fault, not theirs. I saw the other reviews saying there were gluten free corn chips, so I assumed the table chips were gf because they look like white corn. They are white corn, but they are not have to special request gf chips. The white corn chips are dipped in flour before they are fried. I was going to check with the staff, but they were so busy I just said “oh they’re probably fine” and that was a huge mistake. However, they do have a good (though limited) gf menu and the staff seemed really knowledgeable. When I asked why the chips were not gf, the staff knew why. Not sure if the rest of the meal was safe since I glutened myself in the beginning, but it’s a nice restaurant!

Updated 1 year ago