Review of Ted's Cafe Escondido

300, Outlet Shoppes Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Overall Rating


I have been to Ted’s countless times before my Celiac diagnosis and loved it. I had plans to meet some friends for the first time since my diagnosis at the Outlet Shoppes location so I called the manager to get an idea what I could expect and order. He basically said they can’t guarantee anything to be gluten free at all. He did not give me any options or ideas about what I could order. He really said nothing at all besides they can’t guarantee anything to be GF. Needless to say, we went to BJs instead where they were much more helpful. I’m very sad to report this because I was a loyal customer for over 20 years! Try Alfredo’s Mexican where they have a gluten free menu and dedicated fryer.

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Updated 2 years ago