Review of The Broken Yolk Cafe

1760 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92008

Overall Rating


I ordered the bacon artichoke omelette with fruit and a side of single gf pancake. I told the waitress of my gluten "allergy" which she wrote down and didn't seem confused by but also didn't reassure me she understood either. I was worried when they brought the food to the table since the guy didn't say it was the gf pancake so I asked and he said it was. I took two bites and got scared that it tasted too good to be gf but after eating my whole omelette without issues, I went back to the pancake. I finished it and had no reaction at all! It was so good we went back to another one of these restaurants at a different location to have banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. This time the waiter delivering the food pointed out it was gf pancakes with banana. Ate half before I got full but never got sick at all. Ps the OJ is delish!

Updated 3 years ago