Review of The Counter

Miami International Airport, Terminal D - North Terminal, Gate D33, 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

Overall Rating


The food was decent, and they knew what was gluten-free. That was nice. The only problem was that the only thing gluten-free was the hamburger and most condiments. They charge a flat fee of 16 bucks for a hamburger and french fries. Given that you can't eat french fries (not GF), they don't offer a discount. So basically you are spending $16 on a airport grade hamburger with a gluten-free bun. I should mention that the gluten-free bun is a 1.89 up charge as well. So the actual price was closer to $18 for a meal that suddenly feels relatively dismal after you see the final price tag. After we ate here we were still hungry so we went down to a place called Islander Bar near gate D4 and had an amazing fish taco dinner that was about the same price. Far more generous serving of food and as long as you get the fish grilled and not fried you are in the clear from gluten. I appreciate this place has efforts to provide a gluten-free bun, but for a hamburger so small that I had room for another meal afterwards, I have to say it's not worth $18.

Updated 3 months ago