The Friendly Toast

Review by TraceyM

86 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401
3 months ago

This is a delayed review, but my child got very sick after eating here late last summer (about a month after they opened). We ordered GF pancakes for my celiac daughter, and regular for my son. The GF came out with an allergen label, and when I tasted them I was impressed at the good flavor/texture. After getting home, my daughter threw up for two hours. The staff was incredibly helpful in reviewing all of the ingredients that went into the pancakes, saying they had run out of their regular GF flour and had purchased a GF flour at City Market. They made me a second order of pancakes to take home and test with my Nima., which came back negative for gluten. However, when I tasted them they definitely did not taste the same as the pancakes my daughter had received that morning...leads me to believe they accidentally switched the gluten and GF before bringing to our table. Hopefully this was a one time mistake, but if we dine there again we will definitely be bringing the NIMA with us.