Review of The Huckleberry

700 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027

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I spoke at length with the waitress about my severe gluten allergy (Celiac Disease), ordered a plate she recommended as being safe and she offered to alert the chef ("I'll put a mark on your order and they'll definitely make it super safe").

Luckily I was distracted and didn't start eating immediately when the food came, because after 2 minutes a manager came by and told me that the dish I had ordered was not, in fact, gluten free. So after all extensive precautions, I got a dish that would have made me sick for a week. They were knowledgeable about Celiac Disease, but clearly not careful.

When they replaced the dish with one that didn't have gluten, the poached egg was completely cooked through and the plate was rather bland. And they didn't even offer so much as a free cup of tea to make up for their mistake. :-/.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 5 years ago